Photo courtesy of LATP, all rights reserved

          Photo courtesy of LATP, all rights reserved


Labrador Aboriginal Training Partnership (LATP)


LATP is a partnership between Innu Nation, Nunatsiavut Government, NunatuKavut Community Council and Nalcor Energy-Lower Churchill Project with a mandate to oversee a comprehensive Training-to-Employment Plan that will prepare the Innu, Inuit and members of the NunatuKavut Community Council for employment opportunities created through resource development throughout Labrador.  Other supporting partners include the Government of Newfoundland and Labradorís Departments of Education, Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs, and Human Resources, Labour and Employment, and the federal Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.


LATP offers training, opportunities and job placement support to Aboriginal men, women and youth.  To date, approximately 335 people of Aboriginal descent have been or are being funded in LATP-approved training programs.  Governed by a board of directors, LATP is an incorporated non-profit organization with one voting member from each of the four partners. Each Aboriginal organization / government has contributed its own training plan to LATP and has the autonomy and flexibility to ensure training opportunities fit the needs of their members.  LATP is funded through the federal governmentís Aboriginal Skills and Employment Partnership (ASEP), along with funding (both cash and in-kind) from the Province, Nalcor Energy, the Innu Nation, Nunatsiavut Government and NunatuKavut Community Council.


The goal of the LATP Apprenticeship Job Training and Employment Program is to provide funding to enable the partiesí members to gain the requisite hours in the apprentice program towards a Journeyperson Certification.  Qualified trainees will be bridged into on-the-job training, including apprenticeships, work terms, job shadowing and general on-site training with employers throughout the Province.  This training  focuses on areas such as pre-trades apprentice, construction trades occupations, heavy equipment operator, iron worker, concrete worker, truck driver, various camp support positions, and supervisory and management positions.  Currently there are 55 partnersí members registered with the LATP apprenticeship programs, of which, 30 are currently working as an apprentice.  To date a total of 125 partnersí members have obtained employment through the assistance of LATP.


The LATP enables its partnersí members to gain valuable training and workplace experience required for skilled positions in the trades, operations management and emergency response, which are in demand in the region.  Since June 2010, 13 students from Sheshatshiu have completed Firefighting training, with part of the training occurring at the Marine Instituteís Safety and Emergency Response Training Centre (SERT) in Stephenville, NL, and the majority occurring in Sheshatshiu itself.  The successful completion of this course has provided the participants with internationally-recognized certification and qualifications in firefighting.


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